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Surprisingly I really like this color… I usually don’t care for orange, but gosh dangit I like it!
Permalink This is the place I go every year the weekend before school starts. It’s Ludington, Michigan and I love the sleepy little town. Want a relaxing vacation to refresh? This place is for you. <3
Permalink So, I am pretty much addicted to starbucks. A couple of days ago I got a salted caramel mocha frappe, and it was a piece of heaven.. not kidding. Sadly my parents are always nagging on me about what a waste of money it is. How can I help it though? Sure it’s a little under $5 to get a medium coffee, but it really IS that much better than McDonalds or Tim Hortons… I suppose I will have to live the rest of my life in guilt for every time I announce my starbucks addiction… a loyal customer I am.. <3 <3
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Mehndi vs. Mehndi (by Ali Brohi)
I love mehndi, although I have never gotten it, nor probably ever will… it is beautiful and intricate and lovely.
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